Business lunch


12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

All soups – 1.80 €

Main dish Nr.1 – 4.70 €

Main dish Nr.2 – 3.80 €  



Mushroom soup with beans and sour cream

Pork loin roast

Served with warm beetroot salad and fried potatoes

Pancakes stuffed with  turkey and backed  with cheese 



Pea soup with deep fried sausages

Chicken roll stuffed with mozzarella

      and sun-dried tomatoes (Serwed with couscous)

   Italian potato dumplings with blue cheese  and spinach sauce



 Fish soup with herbs and sour cream

Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes

and lingonberry-cream sauce

  Boiled potato  dumplings stuffed with chicken and with cream-butter sauce 




Tomato soup with chickpeas and chicken

Tilapia marinated in yogurt with tropical salsa and rice

Lasagna with chicken




Sweet and sour  cabbage soup

Roast chicken ,,Jūratė’’

     (served with fried potato and Korean carrot salad)

Boiled potato pancakes stuffed with curd